October 19, 2017
Three reasons to choose a fraternal for your life insurance

Unless you are the one of the few people who have enough savings to cover your final expense needs, debts and other financial obligations, you need life insurance.

You can find a lot of information about the type of life insurance and amount you need. But once you make the decision to buy life insurance where should you go for this important purchase?

Here are three good reasons to choose a fraternal benefit society like Hermann Sons Life.

  1. With us, it’s personal. You are a member. Fraternal benefit societies are membership organizations typically offering personal service and numerous advantages to members beyond their life insurance policies.

    Hermann Sons Life has licensed agents across the state that will personally discuss your life insurance needs and types of coverage offered. Some of our member benefits in addition to life insurance are social groups called lodges, a discount program, family fun days, schools of dance,  youth camp sessions and retirement living.
  2. We’ve been around for more than 150 years. Most fraternal benefit societies have a long history of providing financial protection through life insurance. When you’re planning to keep a product for life, it makes sense to go with a company with a long and reputable history.

    Hermann Sons Life has been serving Texans since 1861. For generations, our valued members have looked to us to provide life insurance protection and financial investment opportunities. Using the same conservative perspective that has guided us for decades, our officers strive to invest in stable portfolios. The financial condition of our organization allows us to take unforeseen emergencies in stride, and to meet all obligations as they come due.
  3. We were created out of social conscience and have always made good deeds part of the fabric of our existence. Each year, members of fraternal benefit societies collectively invest more than 98 million hours in community works and contribute more than $486 million to charitable programs supporting community service projects, according to the American Fraternal Alliance.

    At Hermann Sons Life, our member groups across Texas do work to benefit their local cemeteries, food banks, youth organizations and more. As an organization, we focus on grief support services in a variety of ways but especially through our summer camp Grief Support Session for children. We are also there for our fellow Texans when natural disasters, like the Wimberley flood or Hurricane Harvey, strike.

Fraternal benefit societies have many advantages beyond these three, but these reasons make it easy to see why fraternal benefit societies are desirable for purchasing life insurance and why you would want to keep the protection to continue supporting your family’s financial future and the fraternal mission.

When you’re making the decision where to purchase your life insurance policy, we hope you give Hermann Sons Life the opportunity to serve you. Our products and benefits strengthen community and we want you to be a part of our community and what makes it all possible.

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