We strengthen community through financial protection and service.

Membership with Hermann Sons Life means being part of a community with access to unique programs such as social groups we call lodges, a discount program, a youth camp, schools of dance, retirement living, and more. We also believe that purchasing Texas life insurance or annuity products strengthens the family and greater community and is an important piece of membership. The investment of our members’ premium dollars makes community service initiatives possible.

When you choose to be a part of the Hermann Sons Life family, you aren’t just recognizing the importance of life insurance, you’re choosing to strengthen community.

We are able to do all of this because we are a fraternal benefit society - we have a lodge system, provide for the payment of life insurance, and benefit our members and their communities.

Become a member and strengthen your family and community through the purchase of a life insurance or fixed annuity product.


Financial Strength

We’re financially strong and doing
good work with members’ money.



We’ve been strengthening
community since 1861.