Our Camp Staff

Our staff is dedicated to enriching children’s lives through the camp experience.


Counselors are high school graduates. Many are college students. There also is a group of junior counselors who are recent graduates of the Counselor-In-Training program. There are 26-32 campers in each dorm with a minimum of four staff members. Prospective staff members are interviewed in person. Reference and background checks are required. Counselors participate in intensive staff development the week before Camp opens. This training program prepares staff to meet the responsibilities of caring for children.

Camp Directors

Kelly "Knee Slapper" Harris is the girls’ site director and 2018 will be her 6th summer on staff. Executive Camp Director Katie Miller oversees all hiring and the total Camp program. 2018 will be Katie’s 11th summer on staff. Hunter "Papa Bear" Miller is the boys’ site director and 2018 will be his 12th summer on staff.

Health Managers

The health management team is comprised of a health management coordinator, health managers and clinic assistants. Health managers are registered nurses or licensed vocational nurses with emergency first aid certification or documentation. They are on Camp all week, 24 hours a day, to care for the campers and staff. They dispense medication, treat minor illnesses and injuries and refer patients to other medical personnel when necessary. Parents are contacted by the Camp staff if ever a camper visits a doctor, spends the night in the clinic, if parental assistance is needed for extreme homesickness or for any other situation which the director's staff deems necessary.


Volunteers Integrating Another Generation's Experience

VIntAGE is an invitation-only program for past staff members who have children at Camp. They are able to volunteer for one week. VIntAGE staff must complete an application, submit references, be interviewed, submit to background checks and complete staff training components. Contact us with questions.