The 2019 CIT Program deadline is Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018.

The Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Program is a leadership program designed to offer educational opportunities to past campers wanting to be counselors.

The CIT Program has two volunteer levels. For the one-week summer term, CITs live in housing separate from the campers and pay a program fee equal to one-half the camper fee. The program offers a leadership training curriculum, mentoring phase and entertaining activities.

This application is for past campers ages 15 and 16 (as of Sept. 1 of the Camp season for which you are applying) who wish to be considered for the first level of the CIT Program.

Applicants can send the online reference form link to their references.

personal information


Address Information

School Information

Parent/Guardian Information



Educational Achievements

Please list your educational achievements, leadership positions and organizational involvement.


Please write about your experiences as a camper and why you want to be a CIT.

CIT applicants are required to submit at least three references. The references can be letters of recommendation or the references can be completed using the online form.

Letters of recommendation can be mailed to Camp, submitted online or uploaded below. Please do not send the same reference in multiple ways. If mailed to Camp, please send to:

Hermann Sons Life Camp
CIT Program Admissions
PO Box 629
Comfort, TX 78013

ls there anything special we should know about you?

This application is only for junior members ages 15 and 16 as of Sept. 1. The Counselor-In-Training Program is an advanced camper program and participants are classified as campers.

By completing this application, you authorize that the applicant listed has permission to attend Camp and participate in all Camp activities. Through registration, you give Hermann Sons Life full rights and permission with respect to any photographs, video and audio recordings taken during the Camp session. These images may be used for publicity (newspaper, website, brochures, commercials, etc.). You further give permission and consent that any such photographs may be published and used by Hermann Sons and the American Camp Association® and its agents, to illustrate and promote the Camp experience, Hermann Sons Life and its Camp programs or the American Camp Association.

Hermann Sons Life Camp is a traditional sleep-away camp and participants need to be able to move around freely to participate in programs, eat meals prepared in our kitchens and must be able to effectively interact in group elements  At the discretion of Camp administration, Hermann Sons Life may deny attendance to campers whose health needs cannot best be met by the staff and facilities. Circumstances may change from year to year.

The health management team members dispense medication, treat minor illness and injury and refer patients to appropriate physicians when necessary. A parent or guardian will be notified if a doctor or hospital visit is required, if the camper spends a night in the clinic or for any other medical reason deemed necessary by the health manager. In addition, a parent/guardian will be notified in the event of severe homesickness or for any other reason deemed necessary by the Camp director.

Eligible applicants to the Counselor-In-Training Program will be invited to an interview.