Here are some factors you should consider
when buying a Fixed Annuity:

A Fixed Annuity is a safe way to accumulate retirement assets but still earn a good rate of return.

Interest dollars that would otherwise be taxed yearly are left in your account to earn additional interest.

Flexible payout options are available to meet your retirement needs at the time of distribution.

Upon death, the value of your annuity passes directly to your beneficiary and bypasses probate.

Withdrawal options are available within certain guidelines. Contact a life insurance agent for more information. 

Competitive annuity rates ensure your investment grows efficiently, maximizing retirement savings and offering favorable returns.

These are just a few of the reasons why our Fixed Annuity may be right for you.

Available Products

Flexible Premium Deferred
  • NOW PAYING 5%* - The Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity is available to anyone aged 18-89 and requires a minimum initial deposit of $2,500. 
  • The maximum deposit in the first year is $300,000 and the maximum in subsequent years is $50,000. 
  • This 5-year early withdrawal account allows for a 10 percent annual penalty-free withdrawal.
  • *Minimum guaranteed rate for our fixed rate annuities is 2.75%
  • With a minimum initial deposit of $2,500, you can open an Individual Traditional IRA, Spousal Traditional IRA, Individual ROTH, or Spousal IRA. 
  • Transfers from 401k or other qualified plans are accepted. 
  • No surrender charge on withdrawals for qualifying nursing homes or terminal illness situations. 
  • Qualified retirement accounts are subject to additional IRS rules and regulations. 
  • Seek competent tax advice to determine which product best suits your needs.
Plan Ahead and Give Back
  • When you invest in a Hermann Sons Life Fixed Annuity, you become a member of an organization dedicated to strengthening the communities in which we live. 
  • For more than a century, Hermann Sons Life has invested its earnings in community service initiatives both large and small. 
  • Our members have access to exclusive benefits like a summer youth camp, a dance program for children and teens, and a retirement home for seniors.

What's Right for Me?

What product is best for you? How much protection do you need?
These questions are best answered through the process of analyzing needs.

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