August 17, 2017
From counselors’ perspectives

Tori “Yeet” Rummel was a counselor at Hermann Sons Life Camp this past summer. She shared some of her thoughts on Camp:

Hermann Sons Life Camp is a place like no other. The positive and sometimes silly atmosphere that exists allows campers (along with counselors) to embrace their own individuality and grow as individuals. Here at Camp, we promote laughter and a genuine good time. In addition, we push our limits with challenge courses and learn new skills like archery, tumbling and swimming. 

As a counselor, it's beautiful to see your campers find themselves. When they leave their cell phones behind and dorm with other children they do not know, campers are given a chance to focus more on themselves instead of their image. 

Hermann Sons Life Camp is truly a great place and I wouldn't trade the long nights, hours of laughter, and torn up tennis shoes for anything. 

Haley “Hot Shot” Miller was also a counselor. Here are her thoughts:

At Hermann Sons Life Camp, campers are given a safe and fun environment where they can grow and develop life skills. By keeping their spaces clean and getting to their classes on time, campers learn to be responsible for themselves. Through dorm competitions and group games, campers work as a team to meet a common goal. And by living with nearly 30 others girls from different places, they learn to co-exist peacefully and develop friendships that often withstand distance and time.

These experiences and lessons from Camp help campers grow up while still having fun as kids. I know that I definitely matured through Camp, and I enjoyed every minute of it. As I enter college this fall, I sympathize with those who never went to Camp, because for me the hard parts of growing up were accompanied by fond memories of the Happiest Place on Earth.

Camp impacts lives, young and old. This feeling can be sensed in the expressions shared here by Yeet and Hot Shot. Read more about Camp or share some of your thoughts about Camp in the comment section below.


(Yeet can be seen with campers in the top picture and Hot Shot can be seen in the picture to the left sitting on the bottom right with some of her campers.)

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