Camp is available to members ages 8 to 14 as of Sept. 1 of the Camp year.

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The HERMANN SONS LIFE CAMP mission is to provide a quality, safe and caring summer camp program that develops healthy friendships and enriches the lives of both campers and staff by fostering self-esteem and independence through exposure to new experiences, group living and play.

Hermann Sons Life offers our junior members the opportunity to enjoy a week in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Located in Comfort, Texas, we offer six one-week programs at our Riverside Camp for girls and Hilltop Camp for boys. Campers spend the day participating in a free-choice elective program of daily activities ranging from crafts to sports, performing arts to adventure activities.

Campers and counselors live in air-conditioned cabins complete with showers, toilets and sinks. Campers sit with their dorm roommates for all meals which are served cafeteria-style in our air-conditioned dining halls.

The two Camp sites are only one mile apart and campers participate in two evening activities together. Tuesday evenings the boys travel to the girls’ camp for a Carnival Game Night and on Thursday evenings the girls travel to the boys’ site for the popular dance.


Hermann Sons Life Camp's site facilities are available for group rentals. Click below: