September 24, 2021
Documenting assets important part of estate planning process

In the September issue, I introduced you to the Estate Planning Organizer that we are developing for our members to use when putting their personal affairs in order. In the  first part we dealt with documentation. Our next step is recording your assets.  

This can feel like a monumental task, but it’s an important one. It’s easy to overlook items present in our everyday life, but without this step, your loved ones can be left trying to sort your belongings during the grieving process.  

Most of us think of our assets just in terms of real estate, investments and vehicles, but jewelry, firearms, antiques, collectibles and sentimental items also need to be taken into account.  For most of us, belongings with special memories attached are often the most valuable and cherished. 

The Estate Planning Organizer is a project I have a personal connection to.  When my father passed away suddenly, it was challenging to have only a few notes to guide us in carrying out his last wishes.  

Throughout my insurance career, I have walked so many families through the process of losing a loved one.  I have seen the difference planning can make and this organizer is designed to make the process less painful.

My hope is that you’ll share the organizer with a friend and perhaps invite them to a lodge meeting. Share what the Hermann Sons Life fraternal spirit is all about.  

As we all continue to navigate the difficulties posed by COVID and our ever-changing world, it’s important for us to reconnect as members and to grow our Hermann Sons Life family.

Let’s keep Hermann Sons Life growing and thriving for generations to come so that we may strengthen our community and get the most out of life.  

 In November, we will be documenting your online presence, including your online accounts, social media, etc.

To view and print the "My Estate Planning Organizer" - click HERE

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