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  • Friday, July 22nd

    Dance registration under way

Friday, July 22nd

Dance registration under way

School of Dance registration for 2022-2023 is under way online through the website home page through Oct. 1.

 Informational brochures with registration instructions were mailed to households with eligible juniors who have not previously registered. An email was sent to returning dancers.

 There are currently 22 schools located in South and Central Texas. Dance locations are provided in the brochure and on the website.

The benefit is available to policyholders in good standing who will be 3 to 17 years of age as of Sept. 1, 2022.

 Deadline to register is Oct. 1. Most classes begin after Sept. 1.

 Tammi Sutherland is the dance coordinator and can be reached at the Home Office at 800-234-4124, ext. 239 or 210-226-9261, ext. 239.