Our priority when assigning campers to their dorm is to provide everyone in the dorm the opportunity for an excellent summer camp experience. As a parent or guardian, you are asked to complete a Dorm Request Form. Through the Dorm Request Form, parents/campers can request who they would like to dorm (cabin) with and whether they would like a top or bottom bunk (bed). We cannot guarantee these requests.
Please keep the following in mind when requesting to bunk with certain campers.


Before camp, if you receive an email stating your child has “NO DORM” – that means they have not been assigned to a dorm because the Health History Form has not been submitted. If you need to make changes to the health form after it has been submitted, bring an updated form on arrival day and provide it to the Medical Staff on drop-off day.

Getting campers in bunks with their friends is a high priority for us. We do have some bunking rules for you to consider.

• Remember, we try not bunk campers together who are more than one year apart in age. The younger campers often cling to their older siblings which negatively affects both of their camp experiences. You will be asked what grade your child is entering after the summer.

• If a request is made by a camper to bunk with a younger child, the requesting camper will be placed in a cabin of younger campers. Younger campers are not assigned to older camper dorms.

• Placing campers in age-appropriate dorms provides them the opportunity to make friends of their own age and that provides for a better camp experience.

• The number of friend requests for assighment to the same dorm is limited to FOUR.  

• Creating a large group of friends in one dorm is not beneficial to the rest of the campers in the dorm who have few or no friends. These campers often get excluded from dorm activities by the larger established friend groups. This happened in 2022 and I will not allow it to happen in 2023.

• We do not guarantee bed placement in the dorms. Campers will be assigned throughout the dorm. When requesting friends on the DORM ASSIGNMENT FORM, the first name listed will be a bunk friend (top/bottom beds). Only the first four requested names listed will be placed in the same dorm.

• Since campers are assigned to age-appropriate dorms, that sometimes means a camper may not get the dorm assignment they expected. Dorm placements are not linear. Sometimes there are a lot of younger campers in a session or a lot of older campers in a session and that affects dorm assignments. AGE-APPROPRIATE placement of campers in dorms is most important.

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