Summary of Camp Staff Job Descriptions

The Executive Director is responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of all phases of the Camp program.

The Camp Director is responsible for the daily operation of Camp including the implementation of the program and the supervision of campers and staff.

The Assistant Camp Director assists the Camp Director in all phases of Camp.

The Senior Counselor supports staff in camper guidance, helps with program implementation and acts as a leader and role model for counselors.

The Program Assistant performs programming related office tasks, leads program implementation and acts as a leader and role model for counselors.

The Counselor is an instructor of activities, a leader of special programs and events, responsible for the care and supervision of the campers and is the most vital element in the delivery of the Camp program to campers.

The Waterfront, Target, Craft, Nature, Sport and Cheer Specialists are counselors who are responsible for instruction development, supply inventory and risk management in the areas they supervise.

The Junior Counselor has completed the Counselor-In-Training program and performs counselor duties.

The Canteen Clerk is responsible for a variety of office duties including telephone operation, mail distribution, Canteen sales, office housekeeping, filing and greeting guests.

The Health Management Coordinator is responsible for health management operations and coordinates supplies, weekly orientation of nurses and quality assurance of the health management program.

The Health Manager is responsible for camper and staff health care, supervision of the clinic and implementation of the Health Care plan.

The Clinic Attendant assists the Health Manager in the duties of health care.

The Food Services Director is responsible for the development and supervision of the Camp food service operation.

The Food Service Manager is responsible for meal preparation, kitchen staff supervision and the Camp food service facility.

Food Service Workers are responsible for helping cooks to prepare and serve meals and clean the food service facility.

The Maintenance Director is responsible for the maintenance of the Camp facilities including maintenance and improvement projects.

The Maintenance Manager assists the Maintenance Director in the duties of maintenance supervision and management.

Maintenance Workers are responsible for the grounds and general maintenance duties of Camp.

The Facilities Director is responsible for the care of the facilities including well management, pool maintenance and housekeeping.

Housekeepers are responsible for the custodial maintenance of Camp.

The Administrative Assistant assists the Executive Camp Director with office management and other special tasks.


Job Descriptions and Minimum Qualifications

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