Thank you for taking the time to help us improve the quality of your child's summer camp experience.

Campers attending the Mini-Camp and Grief Support Session do not need to complete this form.

We use this form to assign your camper their preferred activities. Please keep the following information in mind when completing this Activity Selection Form.

Each camper is asked to select 6 activities. They should choose each activity on the next page carefully.

• Our goal is to give our campers their top 3 activities. This is not always possible.

• We can guarantee that we will do our best to get your child’s top 3. Again, not always possible.

• We can guarantee that your child will get activities in their top 6.

• Please DO NOT choose an activity outside of your camper’s age range.

Many times, we need to give our campers a generic schedule. Some of the main reasons for this are:

• The parent does not communicate with their child when selecting the activities. Please include them in the selection of activities.

• The parent/child selects all number ones which requires the program assistant to guess the top 3.


  1. Our Program Assistants will schedule the camper activity classes with the objective of giving the campers their top 3 choices. If that is not possible, they will try to give the campers 3 out of the top 4 choices, then 3 out of the top 5 choices, and so on.
  2. Each camper’s schedule is then reviewed by the Camp Director and posted on the camper’s bunk for arrival day.
  3. If your child is uncertain about their schedule, or does not want something listed on their card, they will let their counselor know. The counselor will then escort the camper to the Program Assistant who will help your child.
  4. Many times, campers change their minds regarding their activity schedule, and we may be able to give your child the activity they desire but THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IMMEDIATELY.
  5. Throughout the day, campers will ask if they can change their schedule. The Program Director gathers this information and at the end of check-in, our Program Director will work on the schedule and see if they can change the schedule for your child.
  6. If a child is still unhappy on Monday at dinner, the directors will meet to see if there is anything that can be done. Most of the time, the campers are very happy with their selections. 

Our goal is for your child to have the best possible summer camp experience. 

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Boys Activity Selection Form