January 09, 2018
We’re a better kind of different

For many of us, 2018 ushers in a fresh start and a new hope for something wonderfully different.

Growing up I remember not wanting to be different. Standing out in a crowd was, for me, not a good thing. It was safer to just fit in and be part of the crowd. Today it seems different is good.  Everyone wants to be different. 

Every day, companies task themselves with finding ways to be different. At Hermann Sons Life, we’re not different just to be different. We’re different because it makes a difference. We’ve been a better kind of different for a long time.

Our difference shines in how we operate: We put our earnings back into communities and causes, not pockets. Members get life insurance and annuity products, and in doing so, help support scholarships, our Grief Support Session, local charities and more. That’s the kind of protection you can be proud of.

All year we will be highlighting our better kind of different because it makes us stand out in a crowd. We want others to see that it is possible to choose a unique type of organization that provides the financial protection you need now, with the added benefit of helping those in need.

Make 2018 a time to share our better difference with others. Hermann Sons Life offers protection you can be proud of.

On behalf of the officers, directors and staff of the Hermann Sons Life Home Office, I wish you a very happy, prosperous and wonderfully different new year.

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