June 08, 2017
We Need You to Volunteer for the Grief Support Session!

It is hard to believe but there are only 27 days until the first-ever Grief Support Session that will be held at our Camp in Comfort this summer. The dates are July 5-8. We are so excited to meet all of the campers who will be joining us and to be partnering with the Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas. We have been working almost a year now to make this session and experience possible for members and non-members.

We already have an amazing session planned for the campers, but we are looking for a few more volunteers to help make the week go smoothly. We have volunteer opportunities available that include being a counselor, food service worker, housekeeper or Canteen clerk.

As a counselor you would be responsible for a small group of campers who are a similar age and you would live at Camp during the session. You would assist and supervise them in the cabin and also assist in the teaching of activities during the day. We will have a variety of activities going on and you will receive some extra instruction in those prior to the arrival of the campers. In the cabin there would be least one other co-counselor who you will be working with.

Food service workers will help in the preparation of the meals throughout the week. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner along with an afternoon and evening snack. Some of our regular food service workers and managers will be there to assist you during the session.

Housekeepers will help keep our Camp looking nice during the session and assist in the cleaning of the public restrooms as well as the camper restrooms throughout the week.

We also have some opportunities to volunteer in our office during the session answering phones, sorting mail and getting things ready for the different activities. You would also be responsible for helping us with the intake of paperwork on the first day.

If you are interested in volunteering you will need to complete a volunteer application and then a phone interview will be conducted by a representative of Camp. If selected as a volunteer you will be required to do some pre-camp online training as well as some in-person training on the morning of July 5.

We hope that you will consider volunteering your time with us during the session. These children are counting on us. If you have any questions feel free to call Camp at 830-995-3223 or email me directly and I would be happy to speak with you.

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