November 26, 2017
Passing on the tradition of Hermann Sons Life membership

Hermann Sons Life has been a tradition in my family for generations. My grandfather found it important to secure the future of his entire family so the first thing he did as each grandchild was born was to visit with his agent and purchase a certificate. My twin brother Timothy and I became members when we were just 44 days old!

Life insurance is the greatest benefit Hermann Sons Life has to offer our members and purchasing it at a young age ensures better rates for a lifetime. Children who are members get to enjoy all of the Hermann Sons Life programs we have to offer just as our ancestors wanted. Children enjoy member benefits such as our Camp, Dance and Shining Star programs, the social lodge system along with great community projects and the Retirement Home throughout their lifetime. And then the life insurance product is there to secure their family’s future at the time of death. What a wonderful family tradition to pass down.

I was blessed to present my parents with their 60-year membership pins at the Stockdale Lodge holiday celebration this year. My parents, Alton and Eileen Schneider, have been active members who were members of Anton Wenzel and Louise Schuetze lodges as children. Dad reminisced about playing pool in the Rathskeller as his parents attended meetings and they both enjoyed the bowling alley as young adults. In later years they transferred to Cibolo, then Converse and are currently members of Stockdale where they moved a few years back. When they moved to a new community, Hermann Sons Life gave them a social group that made it easy to join in and make new friends. Everyone in our Hermann Sons Life communities is so inviting and welcoming when my husband Dustin and I travel the state.

My grandfather, Benjamin Schneider, was a member of Albert Kypfer, now Kypfer-Salge Lodge. Kypfer-Salge recently changed its name to honor the memory of Raymond Salge, agent and longtime member who passed away this last year. Raymond was one of my Grandpa’s close friends. Grandpa attended every meeting and social event. He was so proud when I became an employee at the Home Office.

I had my son Matthew after becoming an employee. The first thing I did was carry on the family tradition and sign Matthew up as well. He will be getting married in February and we are so excited to have a new member in our family. I have already talked to Breanna about the importance of carrying on the family tradition and plan on having her meet with our local agent.

When I present membership pins around the state I always ask members to share memories of their years as a Hermann Sons Life member. I hear many times that membership is a family tradition.

I presented my first 80-year membership pin to Martha Tauch in Flatonia recently and also presented a 60-year pin to Rebecca Maddox. Oh, the stories these ladies had to tell, especially Martha who loved to dance at the old Flatonia Hall and attend socials. Rebecca said she loved to attend events with her family.

So when you are trying to figure out a great gift for Christmas, please consider passing on the Hermann Sons Life tradition to your family as we work together to strengthen communities around the state and secure the future of our families through financial protection. The membership you purchase today is the gift that continues to give and will be passed down to the next generation.

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