November 01, 2017
Membership is a tradition to be shared

I overheard a group of members recently who were contemplating the most important attributes of a true fraternalist.  One thought it was dedication to the lodge (attending meetings, volunteering and such) while another thought it was longevity in membership.  While these are wonderful attributes and definitely admirable characteristics, my thoughts on this subject were recently swayed by a young member.

Not long ago, I listened to Marla Beam (daughter of past Vice President Mary Beam and Director Mike Beam, all pictured above) speak about the tradition of Hermann Sons being passed from generation to generation.  You could tell by the cracking in her voice and the tears welling in her eyes that it was a topic of immense pride.  She expressed how the fraternal pride passed on by her parents and her grandparents was life changing.

Her words propelled me back to my youth and my grandfather’s desire to share his Hermann Sons pride with me.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was one of those life-defining moments.  Of course, he was proud when I came to work for the Grand Lodge as Youth Activities Coordinator in 1982 and he would have been equally proud to see me today.  But I think he was most proud that I shared his views of Hermann Sons – an organization with a history of caring and a tradition of giving.

These are the stories that compel me to share the Hermann Sons Life story with my children and my grandchildren.  I am proud of my children’s and my grandchildren’s involvement in Camp and Dance and equally proud when they attend a lodge function as a family.  And as I travel the state visiting lodges, I see I am not alone as I witness generations of members active in Hermann Sons Life.

How do you share your Hermann Sons pride with others?  As we approach the season of thanksgiving, attend a lodge event with your children or grandchildren, invite someone to join our organization, or share your Hermann Sons Life pride in a special way with someone you love.

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