April 25, 2017
Looking for a few good men and women to sell life insurance

Did you ever have a job that didn’t feel like a job? I mean do you love the work you do so much that it doesn’t feel like work? That’s the way I felt when I sold life insurance. In fact, I found it to be somewhat of a calling or a vocation if you will, and I found that to be very rewarding.

I felt that I was helping provide for the future financial protection of a young person, who also benefited from our great fraternal benefits such as camp, dance, scholarships, Family Fun Day and community service opportunities. Those are all great things that make Hermann Sons membership truly unique in our industry.

The most rewarding experience an agent can have is helping a parent (or any adult) understand how life insurance works, while providing information that leads them to secure adequate life insurance protection for themselves. Parents incur the most debt simply by being parents – hard working folks providing a quality life for their families.

The sudden loss of one parent can have catastrophic emotional and economic effects on the family. The Hermann Sons life insurance agent can play a vital role in future financial protection for the family.

Hermann Sons needs field agents who can commit to this dual mission of providing financial protection through life insurance and annuity sales, while bringing new members into our organization. Our agents are all Hermann Sons members, and many are very active in their respective lodges.

Let’s look at some traits that would contribute to the success of a sales agent.

– If you are a self-disciplined, results-oriented individual, confident in your abilities who persistently works towards meeting established goals, Hermann Sons is looking for you.

– If you are adaptable to clients’ schedules and needs, and not tied to the 8 to 5 grind, Hermann Sons is looking for you.

– If you are someone who listens effectively, can use your interpersonal sensitivity to ask questions to derive need, and can then apply targeted problem solving to address needs with a focus on client success, Hermann Sons is looking for you.

– If you have an entrepreneurial drive and can gain client commitment by communicating the elevated value of our product solutions that benefit the member, Hermann Sons is looking for you.

– If you can use Home Office provided information and tools effectively to increase membership through sales and service and can not only be a team player, but a team builder by recruiting and leveraging your own client prospect referral stream, Hermann Sons is looking for you.

To learn more about our agent support system, and what is expected from a prospective agent, go to our Agent Employment web page. Once on the page, be sure to select the link “being an agent” in the last sentence. The agent’s prospectus will provide more information on the subject. An online application is available.

We added more than 20 agents in 2016 and three more thus far in 2017. We are always looking for a few good men and women to provide financial protection to Texas families, while growing our Hermann Sons family. If you believe you can help, after looking over the requirements, we would love to hear from you. Our direct Marketing line is 877-437-6266.

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