February 08, 2024
‘Grow with Us’ new 2024 campaign

Happy New Year!  Thank you for all you do for your lodge. I appreciate every member who attends their lodge meetings and especially those who volunteer to serve as a lodge officer.  

I am proud of the 28 lodges that met or exceeded its 2023 lodge membership goals. All 28 lodges will be receiving a check for achieving their membership goals.  

The 2024 lodge membership campaign theme is “Grow with Us.”     

As I attended lodge meetings and lodge Christmas parties this past year, I was always paying attention to what worked for each individual lodge. The most common dynamic that brought members together was sharing a meal together and the second thing was a combination of games, door prizes and raffles – another way of bonding with lodge members, friends and the community. 

My own lodge, Prinz Solms, had the largest gain in membership this past year and I can remember our meetings having bare minimum attendance in the past, but I think my lodge president and his wife (Clif and Audrey Klabunde) have helped Prinz Solms Lodge turn attendance around. We now have 25-30 members attend on a regular basis and our Christmas party had more than 150 people in attendance. Both Clif and Audrey are always inviting people (whether they are members or not) to attend our meetings. Audrey’s group texts are the perfect reminder to remember our meeting dates and times and a great reminder to bring a side dish or dessert. We always have a great meal, play bingo and when possible, we have a speaker from our community give a presentation.    

Have you considered inviting your friends, neighbors or relatives to a lodge meeting? Once they are there, simply explain that they too can be a member by purchasing a life insurance policy or an annuity from Hermann Sons Life. We have life insurance products to fit everyone’s budget and our new annuities are currently earning 5 percent interest! If you do not have an agent at your meeting, feel free to reach out to me personally and I will make sure we take care of anyone interested in joining our wonderful organization. We are always recruiting new agents and if you know of someone in your community that would consider joining Hermann Sons Life as an agent, please steer them our way. We are always recruiting new agents and I would appreciate your help in finding new agents. 

Growing membership in all Hermann Sons Life lodges is crucial for fostering a sense of community, ensuring financial stability and sustaining our organization’s mission and values. A larger membership base allows for increased support, resources and a broader impact on the community.  

A flyer will be included with your lodge’s new member goal packet for 2024. Please write in the number of new members each month for 2024. Membership will be counted when a new member joins your lodge by purchasing life insurance, an annuity or signs up for Medicare. In 2024, lodges will earn $50 for meeting their lodge goal and additional $25 if the lodge exceeds its lodge goal. The lodge that exceeds its goal by at least three members and has the largest positive membership gain will earn an additional $200.  

Please keep the referrals coming our way! We appreciate all members and will continue to have a recommender drawing each month. You can recommend prospects through our website at hermannsonslife.org, by email, sales@hermannsonslife.org, by phone at 210-527-9113 or by reaching out to your local agents.  

Thank you for being a Hermann Sons Life member. Our campaign of “Grow with Us” is possible if we all work together!

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