October 04, 2017
Combining two great things to make something better

Did you know that sporks were invented in 1874? I didn’t before writing this article. It turns out Samuel W. Francis combined a spoon and a fork to create this special utensil. And did you know since before sporks, you could get life insurance from a company that put profits back into local communities and programs to benefit members? Of course you did! It’s called Hermann Sons Life. And like the spork, we combine two great things into something greater.

It’s not a revolutionary idea. When companies today are doing everything they can to reinvent themselves so that they can appeal to a public that believes in giving back; for us it is genuine and natural because it is who we have always been.

We provide life insurance and annuity products that give security to members and their families. But our differentiator is that we return profits to our members and communities throughout Texas. Benefit programs like our camp, retirement home and schools of dance are made possible by our almost 70,000 members.

But the true spirit of community is delivered by members of our local lodges. It is through their volunteer efforts that volunteer fire departments, community food banks, senior care centers and other entities aid communities in a variety of ways. And it is through our members’ generous donations and philanthropic attitude that we are able to offer help to communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey and healing to children attending our Grief Support Camp.

It makes perfect sense. If you need to purchase life insurance anyway, why not purchase it from a company that gives back to your community. It’s a great combination!

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