December 14, 2017
Christmas is a time of giving and good cheer

There’s a radio station here in San Antonio, the Cradle of Texas Liberty, which began playing 24-hour Christmas music in mid-November. I tuned in and heard the very first song they played. It didn’t sound very Christmassy (yes, it’s a word) but I figure that they were trying to ease us into the holiday spirit by playing songs which referred to the season in a subtle way.

I don’t know how you feel about it, but I’m amazed how much sooner we start the season every year. Not the true reason for Christmas, but the commercial reason. It’s in your face, everywhere, all the time, can’t get away from it, blatant retail madness. Anyone sport a black-eye from Black Friday shopping? Ding…. Round Two, now get in there champ and come out swinging! Not for me. I went hunting, and not for bargains.

Thank goodness we at Hermann Sons Life don’t have to resort to that kind of high energy sales tactics. But we do have seasons which drive our business.

The busiest sales periods are Dance and Camp seasons. Our members help with word of mouth personal referrals about our great family protection and added benefits. Those referrals turn into sales leads, which are assigned to our sales force.

It’s up to our agents to help our clients understand the true value of insurance and why it’s so important to buy it for long-term protection, i.e. lifetime members. Simply put, lifetime members are vital to the success and growth of Hermann Sons Life.

Hermann Sons Life members, we need your referrals all year long, and this “season of giving” is perfect for the gift of protection for the ones you love. Call our agents today and request a free consult and needs assessment to discover the right protection for yourself and family. Don’t wait to look into something this important. Time and fate have a way of catching us off guard.

Allow me to relate two stories, with different endings.

First, I was visiting with an agent about an application she submitted for a client, but the client canceled the pending insurance contract because of what they felt was an excessive premium due to a poor health rating.

A past member, I looked up the client in our database. I found a previous term certificate which lapsed because the client felt they no longer needed the insurance, and so quit paying for it.

Now the client was trying to buy life insurance at an older age when his health was poor. The old German saying goes, “Too soon we get old, and too smart, late!”

Second story is about an agent who recently was working with a family for their future financial protection.

A full discussion ensued of Herman Sons Life benefits and how our organization has protected Texas families for generations. A thorough needs analysis on the couple resulted in a blend of whole and term life for the adults, plus whole life certificates for each child. Four family members led to six certificates and a 100% Hermann Sons Family.

The moral of these stories is don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Our agents are waiting to discuss your needs and find just the right kind of protection your family needs. It’s the gift of protection… a legacy which can make Christmases just a little brighter in years to come.

Please do something nice for a stranger this holiday season… the season of giving and goodwill to all people.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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