June 29, 2017
Strengthening community through service

Founded on the principle that we should help each other in times of need, one important way we strengthen community is through service. Service is a key distinguisher of our business model.

Lodges across the state continue to provide value to their communities in a variety of ways, including through community service initiatives. When you read our newspaper, you will see numerous examples of acts of service. It is important we share these good works and invite others to participate. One of the best ways to understand our lodge communities and how we strengthen community is by participating.

Late last year, we announced our focused service cause of Grief Support Services. While we still encourage all kinds of community service, our focused service cause is meant to help us do more good at a deeper level. It is also a way to more clearly associate service with who we are. Grief Support Services is a fitting match for us because it supports the emotional side of loss while our life insurance products support families financially when loss is suffered.

Thanks to the generous donations of lodges, members and others, our first ever Camp Grief Support Session is being held at our Camp in Comfort and the cost to hold the session is completely sponsored. I share the excitement of Vice President of Member Benefits Kim Krueger, Executive Camp Director Katie Klohn Miller and the many others who have been working so hard to make this session a reality. We will be providing a needed service to children, members and non-members, from all across the state and beyond. Next month we will be able to share the impact of this session with you.

If you have not used our website to search for community service or to add a community service event you want to invite others to join, be sure to check it out.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in a Hermann Sons community service initiative and to the many lodges who focus on service each year.

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