October 01, 2019
Now is the time to apply for the CIT program

For past Hermann Sons Life campers, the Counselor-in-Training Program is the first step on the path to becoming a counselor at Hermann Sons Life Camp. It is so important for us to “grow” our own staff and this program was developed specifically with that goal in mind.

The CIT-1 Program for 2020 is for past Hermann Sons Life campers who will be ages 15 and 16 (as of Sept.1, 2020) who wish to be considered for the first level of the CIT Program. The application can be found at https://www.hermannsonslife.org/counselor-training-application.

Being a CIT is a combination of summer camp and work.

The CIT Program will focus on leadership training and give participants the opportunity to demonstrate those skills. We will be teaching you about camper behavior and group management skills. We will discuss the importance of being there for a homesick camper and giving you some tips and tricks to help a camper get the most out of their stay.

We will also be showing you what it means to be a staff member. Just like all staff members, as a potential staff member you will be peaking behind the scenes of what makes the Camp tick. You will be helping in the Dining Hall and you will be helping with the preparation of the evening activities.


This year and moving forward there will be NO CITIcamp weekend. Potential CIT-1s will be interviewed by the Executive Camp Director (that’s me).

There are three steps for the potential CIT to take.

The FIRST STEP is to complete an application.

Reminder: The application can be found at https://www.hermannsonslife.org/counselor-training-application

The SECOND STEP will be an interview with the Executive Camp Director. Approximately 150 candidates are expected to interview for a limited number of spots. Be sure to request an interview time slot as soon as possible since so many interviews must occur in a short amount of time. Go to https://calendly.com/ianbrassett/hermann-sons-life-interview?month=2019-08 to schedule your interview. For your convenience, the interviews will be scheduled predominantly via Skype and FaceTime or Google Hangout. Please make sure I have the correct contact details for the interview.

The THIRD STEP is to get three professional (not family member) references. This can be teachers, coaches, clergy, etc. You can simply have them go to https://www.hermannsonslife.org/camp-staff-applicant-reference. Please make sure they list you as the applicant! Letters of recommendation can also be mailed to Camp. Please do not send the same reference in multiple ways. If mailed to Camp, please send to: Hermann Sons Life Camp - CIT Program Admissions, P.O. Box 629, Comfort, TX 78013

For many of you, this will be your first “interview.” To assist you in your preparation for the interview, I have listed below some of the questions you may be asked.

• I will be asking you questions on your experiences as a Hermann Sons Life camper.

• I will be asking you why you would like to be a CIT.

• I will be asking you about your favorite counselor and why he/she was your favorite.

• I will be asking you about what skills you are bringing to the table.

• I will be asking you how you would go about helping a homesick camper.

While I will have other questions, remember the purpose of an interview is for me to get to know you… and for you to know me and what it is you will be doing at Camp next summer. Please do not be afraid to ask questions.

It is important to set the right tone, so please be punctual. I will call you at the agreed upon date and time. If you cannot attend or something “comes up,” please let me know ASAP. My cell phone number is 909-362-9058.

While I do expect your parents to be aware of the process, I do hope the CIT applicants will be the ones who complete the application, send for the references and set up the interview. While I fully expect the parents to help their child, I’m looking for responsible individuals for this program.

Successful applicants will be invited to enroll in the CIT Program in late December/early January. Spaces for successful CIT-1s will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. The cost of the CIT program is $190 for the week.

Please email me at ianb@hermannsonslife.org if you have any questions.


Successful CIT-1 candidates in 2019 will be receiving an invite in late December/early January to enroll in our CIT-2 program. We are excited about the prospect of having you continue the process of becoming a counselor. CIT-2s will be eligible to become, at no charge, certified lifeguards. The cost of the program is $180 (same as last summer) for the first week.

CIT-2s, if they become certified lifeguards, will be eligible for an additional two weeks in Camp (paid).

CIT-2s are also eligible to work at Camp in the kitchen for an additional two weeks (paid).


Successful CIT-2 candidates in 2019 are invited to apply to become Junior Staff members in 2020. We have raised the salary for our Junior Staff members in 2020. It is possible for our Junior Staff to make even more money by becoming certified lifeguards (we’ll pay for the certification) or work in the kitchen. Junior Staff members were exemplary last summer and we certainly look forward to having more Hermann Sons Life campers grow into productive staff members in 2020. They are welcome to work in Camp anywhere from two to six camper weeks.

The application for all 2020 staff members is online. Click here.

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