November 26, 2019
Camp announces new mini session

I am excited to announce that for the summer of 2020 we are adding a mini-camp for members ages 8 and 9. This special session is planned for July 1-3.

In my many conversations with parents and grandparents there is often a reluctance to allow their child to attend Camp for a full week at a young age. In 30+ years of camping, I know that sending a child to camp for the first time is a big step for both the camper and parent.

While first time campers at a younger age often do much better than campers starting a camp experience at an older age (12 and 13), we understand the concern. It is also very common that campers are ready for camp at least one year sooner than parents are ready to send them.

Our mini-camp was created for these first-time campers. Campers ages 8 and 9 who have not attended Camp before and maybe not even had a sleepover at a friend’s house are invited to this special session.

This two-night summer camp experience will be designed to give these campers an easy step up on to the Hermann Sons Life Camp ladder. Guided by experienced camp leaders and awesome camp counselors, our mini-campers will have a blast.

Unlike our regular Camp program, the mini-camp program will be co-ed. The camp program will be held at Hilltop. The campers will obviously be in single gender dorms and will sit by dorm in the dining hall and many of the daily activities will also be single gender.

The mini-camp daily program will also be dorm-structured. The campers will travel to and from their activities with a counselor. They will be supervised 24/7.

We will be offering our campers a wide variety of activities throughout the second day that will range from crafts to sports, from recreational swimming to GaGa.

Our goal is to provide the campers a sample of what a full-time Hermann Sons Life Camp is like with as many activities crammed into the program day as possible.

During the mini-camp we will also have free-swim, capture the flag, campfire (with s’mores) and a dance/game night.

It will be an exciting and fun-filled two-night adventure. The best news is that 9-year-old members, if space allows, will be able to enroll in a full-week Camp session later in the summer.

Cost will be $120. More details on how to enroll will be made available early in the new year.

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